General Contractor Based in Huntington Beach, California

Myles Construction, a general contractor in Huntington Beach, has been serving the design, construction, and development needs in Orange County since 1989.

We Make It Easy

As a family-owned company that has been operating since 1989, we offer more than 27 years of professional experience in creating custom homes and additions, and providing remodeling services.

We understand that undertaking an addition or remodeling project can be a huge investment, and that the decision often comes down to money.

Our extensive experience and history allows us to present you with the important budget numbers and an accurate estimated project cost, allowing you to make the decision based on real numbers, instead of abstract guesses.

With Myles Construction as your general contractor, you'll find your way past the initial "we need an addition" or "we need a second story," to the finalized plans, every phase of construction, and finally the finished project. Your addition or remodel will add value to your home and space for your family.
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Getting Through the Early Stage

To help you make it through the first stage, feel free to review our Construction Estimate Chart, which can help you determine the budget cost based on the size and complexity of your desired project. We hope that this makes a big decision a little bit easier to make, however there are always questions and Myles Construction is only a phone call away
Schedule your free estimate for your addition for your custom home or additions TODAY!
More than 27 Years of Experience | California State License #576675